The Importance of Regular Inspections: Ensuring Safety & Efficiency

In any industrial setting, the safety and efficiency of operations are paramount. Regular inspections of overhead cranes and hoists play a critical role in maintaining these standards. By routinely assessing and maintaining your equipment, you not only enhance safety but also optimize operational efficiency. Read here about why regular inspections are indispensable for your business.

Navigating Automotive Manufacturing: Overcoming Challenges with Service Crane Company

Picture this: the fast-paced world of automotive manufacturing, where every second counts and every breakdown feels like a speed bump on the road to success. But what if there was a solution to smooth out those bumps and keep the wheels turning seamlessly? Enter Service Crane Company, the guiding light of reliability in a landscape of challenges.

Is High Quality Fall Protection Equipment Worth the Investment?

Carousel of 4 fall protection images; First, a man with hard hat and harness hooked to ceiling beam for safety, Second, a worker with hard hat strapped into a harness crouched on top of a shipping container, thirdly, two men with hard hats, safety glasses, and harnesses working on a beam, and lastly a man working in a harness outside

Short Answer? Absolutely. Here’s Why –

Falls are among the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths.

Employers must set up the workplace to prevent employees from falling off of overhead platforms, elevated work stations or into holes in the floor and walls. This is why Service Crane is an authorized Gorbel distributor. Gorbel’s products are the handling equipment you need to get the job done.

Why Service Crane Co. Chooses Gorbel for Fall Protection Equipment?

Since 1977, Gorbel has specialized in overhead material handling solutions, earning a reputation for providing our customers with the highest quality products and the highest performance. Their product line has grown to include products that improve safety and productivity in a variety of applications and industries, handling loads from 50 lbs to 50 tons.


Gorbel proudly offers a ten year (20,000 hour) warranty on manually operated crane systems,
including wheel wear. With this warranty, Service Crane Co. can guarantee you years of quality, dependable


Gorbel offers a 5-Day Quick Ship program which means that most components can ship in five working days. Fast,
reliable, on time shipments are just one of many ways Gorbel is working with Service Crane Co. to make it easier to purchase their reliable products.


For over 15 years, Gorbel has had an industry leading on-time shipping percentage. Service Crane Co. can rely on them to ship our orders on time, keeping to your installation schedules. No other manufacturer in the industry can currently offer five day shipping and Gorbel’s industry leading on-time rate.


With manufacturing facilities in Fishers, New York; Pell City, Alabama; and Tianjin, China, Gorbel is able
to offer multiple shipping points, increasing reliability.

Protect your employees by identifying all fall hazards in your workplace

As a general rule, when someone is working from a height greater than four feet (1.2 m), a fall hazard exists and must be addressed in order to prevent work-related injuries and avoid OSHA fines. Once a fall hazard has been identified, you typically have two options:

1) Eliminate the hazard altogether, or
2) Provide protection against it.

In some cases, it is possible to eliminate a fall hazard, typically known as “engineering out the hazard,” simply
by changing the working environment, processes and procedures. If this is not possible, fall prevention should be the next consideration. Common fall prevention methods include installing guardrails, scaffolds, handrails or barriers.

When passive fall protection solutions such as elimination or prevention are not practical, personal fall protection equipment, such as harnesses, lanyards and retractable lifelines can be used. Personal fall protection may consist of a restraint system to keep the worker from reaching an area where a fall hazard exists, or a personal fall arrest system that enables a worker to perform their duties from the height required, while tied off to the system.

The benefits of rigid
rail fall arrest systems

While its name might imply otherwise, rigid rail systems are the most flexible forms of fall arrest. Ideal for environments where there is limited clearance between the working level and lower level or obstruction, these systems provide a shorter free-fall distance and a reduced risk of secondary injury due to impacts during the free fall or sudden deceleration. Rigid rail fall arrest systems are the perfect solution for permanent applications and can easily be customized to fit every situation.