24/7 Emergency Overhead Crane & Hoist Repair

Man in a gray coat and black hat repairing a manual hoist at Service Crane Company in Morristown, IN

Service Crane Company boasts a team of highly-trained crane and hoist technicians, available around the clock, 364 days a year, to cater to your overhead crane repair and maintenance needs. Regardless of whether it’s a ¼-ton hoist or a colossal 200-ton crane, our technicians possess the expertise and unwavering dedication to complete the task at hand.

Upon their arrival, our technicians promptly assess and rectify the issue. In situations where replacement hoist or crane components are necessary, we work diligently to procure them. Occasionally, the specific parts required may not be readily available. In such instances, we swiftly devise a temporary solution to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your systems, with a commitment to executing a permanent repair as soon as the appropriate components become accessible.

We offer round-the-clock, hassle-free service, delivered by a proficient team comprising crane technicians, mechanics, electricians, and riggers, all equipped with the latest personal protective gear and well-versed in safety protocols.

Our technicians take great pride in meticulously documenting all actions performed during service work, including any additional issues they may uncover that warrant attention.

Emergency Overhead Crane & Hoist Repair (24/7)

Repairs are a normal part of any business operations. We understand that you can’t always control when a piece of equipment will become unsafe or inoperable. That’s why Service Crane Company offers emergency overhead crane service,  24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Our skilled technicians are on call for such emergencies and have the training and experience to diagnose and correct issues that arise.

Service Crane Company began as a service company over 25 years ago, with a mission to overhead crane service on systems and hoists 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. SERVICE is our first name.

Contact Service Crane for EMERGENCY SERVICE at: 765.763.8950