Highly productive maintenance contracts can be arranged through Service Crane Company. In almost all situations, maintenance contracts cost less than hiring additional personnel to maintain the equipment.

Service Crane Company has trained crane and hoist technicians are on call and ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 364 days a year for overhead crane repair and maintenance. Whether it’s a ¼-ton hoist or a 200-ton crane, our technicians have the experience and perseverance to get the job done.

Upon arrival, our technicians will diagnose and repair the problem. When replacement hoist or crane parts are needed, we work diligently to secure them. Occasionally, the correct parts aren’t immediately available. When that’s the case, we will quickly develop a temporary solution to keep your operations running, then make the permanent repair immediately when the proper parts arrive.

Service Crane Company employee in a long-sleeve grey shirt, white hard hat, and blue jeans performing maintenance on-site

Services include:

  • Crane and hoist inspection, routine service and non-emergency repairs can be scheduled for off peak production times without affecting daily operations.
  • Preventative and predicative maintenance programs can be custom tailored to your individual needs.
  • Our team will develop a program to work in conjunction with your operations. Allow us to focus on your overhead material handling needs so you can focus on daily production items.
  • 24/7 emergency service, additional technicians, mechanics, electricians, riggers, backup personnel, parts and equipment specialists, fabrication and engineering staff, structural and design teams.
  • Equipped with the latest personal protection equipment and personal safety training, services provided through the Service Crane team of professionals are safe and trouble free.
  • Our technicians pride themselves on fully documenting all actions in the service work they perform, as well as detailing any additional issues they uncover that may require attention.

All of our maintenance programs are completely customized to meet your individual needs based on equipment type, age, and duty cycle as well as production needs and cost.