Below-the-Hook lifting devices and end effectors are used to attach loads to overhead hoisting equipment. They are used to move any load that doesn’t have a lifting lug or a place to attach a single hoist hook to the load. They are commonly used in such applications as plate, steel, glass and drum handling, pipe lifting, stone cutting, as well as odd-shaped loads.


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Below Hook Lifting Devices & End Effecters

The below hook lifting device and end effecter helps with lifting and transferring loads when a single hook cannot be used or a lifting lug is not in place. An end effecter generally attaches directly to a manipulator or manipulator control whereas a below hook lifting device connects to a hook on a hoist or crane. Service Crane provides the following standard and custom lifting equipment and crane attachments.

  • Vacuum lifters
  • Lifting magnets
  • Spreader beams
  • Posi-turner
  • Coil lifters
  • Sheet lifters
  • Load turning
  • Stone lifters
  • Pallet lifters
  • Custom lifters
    • Wheel lifter
    • Door lifter
  • Standard & Custom rigging equipment
  • Rotating hook blocks
  • Roll lifters
  • Drum handling
  • Bag lifters
  • Lifting chains and slings
  • Off center load manipulators