Service Crane Company’s electric and manual chain hoist re-manufacturing services restores your hoist to near original condition while saving you important maintenance dollars over simply replacing an existing hoist. Save valuable down time by fixing a problem before it happens. Our one-year warranty ensures that your budget conscious decision is the right move.

Replacing a wire rope hoist can be expensive, so have it re-manufactured by Service Crane Company to save you money. There have been major upgrades to brakes, controls and other key components that could be added on to your hoist during our re-manufacturing process. In most cases, remanufacturing saves 40% or more over the price of a new hoist.

Remanufacturing Saves

Remanufactured chain hoists are less expensive than new hoists by more than 35% in most cases.

  • Save down time by replacing worn items before they fail.
  • Same as new warranty

With a Service Crane one year warranty against defects in parts and craftsmanship, hoist repair makes sense for budget conscious maintenance departments and businesses.


  1. Send your manual or electric chain hoists to CraneWerks for evaluation
  2. Within 24 hours you will receive our quote for remanufacturing and the price of a new hoist, when applicable, for your cost comparison convenience.

If you decide to remanufacture:

  • We will complete the repair and return the hoist to you in about a week*.

If you decide to replace:

  • We will ship the new chain hoist within a week* and recycle your old hoist to cover our associated tear down costs.

If you decide against remanufacture and replacement:

  • We can either recycle the hoist to cover our associated tear down costs or return your hoist to you for a small teardown fee.

*Shipping times are estimated and may vary due to hoist and parts availability. Thank you for understanding.


Fill out the Hoist Reman RFQ and we will send you an RMA number.

Use the RMA number on your packing slip and ship your chain hoist to Service Crane.

Feel free to call our office if you have any questions at (800) 761-2028.

Ship to:

Service Crane Company
511 N. Range Line Road
Morristown, IN 4616