Special Application

Special Application

Service Crane Company provides you with special applications designed exclusively for our material handling equipment. These optional parts provide you with solutions for the problems you may have lifting, re-positioning, and transferring loads.

Telescoping Cranes

Telescoping cranes help you transfer your loads from bay to bay, moving around corners and through open doorways. This system uses a secondary bridge underneath the main bridge line. Through a series of trolleys, the load is able to transfer on the underhung bridge. Typically, a telescoping crane handles up to 10 tons though it can be designed for higher capacities if required. The engineers at Service Crane will help you determine if your existing system will handle a telescoping crane or if simple upgrades can be done to add this special application.

Below Hook Lifting Devices & End Effecters

The below hook lifting device and end effecter helps with lifting and transferring loads when a single hook cannot be used or a lifting lug is not in place. An end effecter generally attaches directly to a manipulator or manipulator control whereas a below hook lifting device connects to a hook on a hoist or crane. Custom lifting devices or end effectors include:

  • Vacuum lifters
  • Magnets
  • Spreader beams
  • Wheel lifter
  • Posi-turner
  • Coil lifters
  • Sheet lifters
  • Pallet lifters
  • Custom lifters
  • Door lifter
  • Shackle yoke
  • Rotating hook blocks
  • Roll lifters
  • Drum handling
  • Bag lifters
  • Lifting chains and slings

Make sure to use the proper application and to attach the part correctly so it works at peak performance levels. Not using the proper lifting device or end effecter creates unsafe working conditions.

Vacuum Lifter
Low Headroom Bridge

Low Headroom Bridges

Low headroom bridges are available in two special applications: maximum lifting height bridges and three trucked bridge cranes. The maximum lifting height bridge makes it easy to reach higher hook heights than a standard crane may allow. They are available in both motorized and manual formats. There are three kinds of these bridges including:

  • Underhung double girder bridge crane with top running hoist
  • Underhung single girder bridge crane with coped bridge girder
  • Top running bridge crane equipped with underhung trolley.

The three trucked bridge crane supports the center of the bridge crane by adding a third runway. This decreases the distance between the original runways. It has a unique design in which it floats the center truck when it is not to full capacity.

For more information regarding our special application equipment, contact Service Crane Company. We’ll match you to the correct material handling system that will suit your business needs.