Wherever fast, controlled material transfer is required, overhead workstation bridge cranes provide effortless, reliable and ergonomic solutions for a wide range of applications.

Because floor-mounted systems aren’t a permanent part of your factory, they’re easily re-locatable. Installation is often simpler for these systems, and doesn’t apply any structural stress to your building’s roof.


  • Loads up to 4000lbs
  • Bridge lengths up to 34 ft.
  • Runway supports up to 30 ft.
  • Kit Form/Low Cost
  • Modular design makes it simple to install and extend
  • Mixed capacity/multi-bridge systems
  • Telescopic bridges/cantilever bridges/track transfer units available
  • Motorization option for load trolley and bridge
  • Can be installed on 6″ reinforced concrete, no foundations required for most systems.
  • Reduced rolling resistance reduces operator fatigue and ensures accurate load positioning.
  • Equipment designed and manufactured per AISC specifications.

Applications Include

  • Production areas
  • Assembly
  • Machining
  • Loading docks
  • Palletizing
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Service bays

Special Application

Design Details

The strong yet light weight enclosed rail design enables thee push type cranes to be up to three times easier to move than standard bridge cranes. Consistent ease of operation over the full range of movement makes them outstanding as workstation cranes for lighter loads in manufacturing and warehouse applications and anywhere ergonomic, controlled and fast material transfer is important.

Free standing enclosed rail crane runway systems are pre-engineered for quick shipping in 5-10 business days. Complete drawings are supplied with each system. Ceiling mounted workstation bridge crane systems are delivered complete with all mounting and connection hardware. The crane systems are labeled with easy installation instructions for on-site bolt together assembly. Six inches of reinforced concrete floor is enough to bolt the supporting steel columns to. Spans of these systems are limited to 34 feet or shorter and typically have column spacing of 20, 25 ft 30 ft. These systems are commonly used with an electric chain hoist, air hoist, air balancer or vacuum lifter.