Complete Crane Systems

Complete Crane Systems

With both single and double girder bridge cranes available, we have the cost-effective solution to fit a wide variety of applications. Bridge crane equipment are available with full installation, maintenance, and emergency repair services. We also provide a complete line of replacement or remanufactured parts for all cranes.

Choosing the correct bridge crane system is determinant on the following aspects: planned use, load size, overhead space, runway space, and speed control. Give our expert technicians a call; they’ll help you decide which equipment best suits your unique application. Whether you’re looking for a motor driven, air powered, push/pull, or hand chain bridge crane, we have the system for you.

Top Running Bridge Cranes

Top running runways are designed more for heavier lifting, 20 tons or more. Due to the heavier load, these runways are less flexible and more perplex to use. Top running crane runways are good for facilities that have low headroom, because the system moves above the runway. A rail is installed on top of the runway beams, and the wheels ride on the rail rather than directly on the runway beams.

Freestanding runway system

  • 1 through 20 ton capacities
  • Knee brace systems span 60 feet
  • Header brace systems span 55 feet
  • Foundation brace system span 60 feet

Semi-Freestanding Runway System

  • 1 through 50 ton capacities
  • Spans to 60 feet
  • Bracing back to existing building columns required

Freestanding Top Running
Freestanding Underhung

Underhung Bridge Cranes

Underhung crane runways have the ability to be used in applications where the transfer of a loaded hoist and trolley from one beam to another beam is necessary. This can be accomplished through available transfer switches. With the use of these switches, ceiling mounted workstation bridge cranes can be utilized to transfer a load from one underhung crane to another underhung crane. These underhung cranes are ruggedly designed CMAA class C duty units, lighter and heaver duty cranes are available.

Freestanding Runway System

  • 1 through 15 ton capacities
  • Spans to 55 feet
  • Pre-engineered for quick delivery
  • Bolt together construction
  • No welding required
  • Easy installation
  • Ships complete with electrification, all hardware and anchor bolts
  • Modular design- easy relocation
  • All runway systems are designed to AISC specifications

If no support swaying is required bracing back to building steel is recommended. Anchor bolts up to 8” long supplied.

Ceiling Mounted Runway System

  • 1/2 to 15 ton capacity
  • Up to 55 foot spans
  • Unlimited runway length
  • Maximizes floor space
  • Direct mount to ceiling truss
  • Hanger assemblies
  • All running systems are designed to AISC specifications

Existing building ceiling supports must be rated to handle new crane system.