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Inspections, Load Tests, Runway Surveys & Training

Service Crane Company provides initial inspection and testing along with regular maintenance programs and emergency repairs for a range of material handling equipment. Our experienced technicians and engineers perform the basic and intensive testing to ensure your equipment is safe and sound for use.

Crane and Hoist Inspections

We perform crane and hoist inspections on all new equipment and during regular maintenance. Both visual and physical examinations on all equipment keeps you in compliance with OSHA. They also improve plant safety and reduce down time due to breakdowns. Our preventative maintenance programs inspect and repair (if necessary) all parts on a hoist, trolley, or crane system. Inspections also involve non-destructive testing of hooks to show any cracks not able to be seen under normal conditions.

Load Testing

Load testing, completed by professionals, is very important when determining the safety and efficiency of your equipment. Load testing should never be performed with more than 125% of the predetermined capacity of the crane. A full inspection should be completed before the load test is completed to ensure all parts are ready to withstand the full capacity.

Runway Surveys

Due to building settlement and crane malfunctions or overload, crane runways may become misaligned or break down. There are other reasons as well that a runway may not be in top condition, therefore it is essential to complete runway surveys regularly. The safety of a crane system begins with the runway and if it isn’t safe, the entire system could be dangerous. Runway surveys consist of runway girder elevation, runway rail straightness, span compliance, and overall runway condition inspection. Non-destructive testing is performed on runways to ensure OSHA compliance.


Our technicians and engineers undergo extensive training for certification on inspection and testing. We also provide training to customers for learning how to use and visually inspect their material handling system. We want you to be as safe as possible while on the job and these material handling systems are dangerous when not handled properly.

For more information on inspections and testing, contact us, or to set up a training session, give us a call at 800-761-2028.


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