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Fall Protection Equipment

Service Crane Company works with a number of manufacturers to bring you the best in fall protection equipment. Data shows that the leading cause of death on the work site is due to falling. Protect your employees by investing in high quality protective equipment.

Full Body Harnesses

When choosing the correct full body harness, it’s important to factor in two things: waist circumference and application use. Height may also affect the size of body harness needed. Typical applications include: rescue, restraint, fall arrest, and work positioning.

Waist Size Harness Size Harness Styles:
20–28” 3X-Small Standard vest style
24-32” XX-Small Cross over style
28-36” X-Small Construction style
32-40” Small Tower climbing
36-44” Medium Step-in style reflective
40-48” Large Kevlar
44-52” X-Large Work vest
48-56” XX-Large Dorsal web loop
52”-60” 3X-Large Off shore lifejacket
    Camo harness

Shock Absorbing Lanyards

Shock absorbing lanyards are available in various configurations in order to suit your specific application. The durable build and self-locking hooks are simple to use and provide worry-free fall protection. It’s important to consider the application in which you’ll be using the lanyard as each serves a different purpose. Examples of this include: high heat areas, utility work, rescue, and welding. These lanyards include:

  • Stretchable single hook
  • Stretchable double hook
  • Vinyl covered cable
  • Twin leg
  • Web loop
  • Tie back
  • Kevlar webbing
  • Y-lanyard
  • Rope lanyard

Self Retracting Life Lines

Self retracting life lines are designed for fall arrest protection. Because they are used for so many different types of applications, they are built in many different designs. Depending on the type you choose, it will provide flexible movement, quick connections, protection from grease and moisture, and/or lightweight design. The designs include: web, steel cable, heavy duty, or picker self retracting life lines. All are designed to keep the worker safe in areas where there are the potential for falls.

For full body harnesses, shock absorbent lanyards, and self retracting life lines, trust Service Crane Company for all your needs. These items save your business on workman’s compensation, loss of productivity, and costly medical bills. Contact us for more information on fall protection equipment.

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