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Complete Bridge Crane Systems

Service Crane Company is your premier supplier of material handling systems including bridge cranes and crane runways. Crane systems are ideal for transferring and lifting heavy loads easily and efficiently. Our overhead bridge crane systems are matched to your unique applications to make sure you get the exact material handling equipment you need.

Bridge Cranes

With both single and double girder bridge cranes available, we have the cost-effective solution to fit a wide variety of applications. Bridge crane equipment are available with full installation, maintenance, and emergency repair services. We also provide a complete line of replacement or remanufactured parts for all cranes. Our bridge cranes include:

  • Underhung - Single Girder
    • Push/Pull Manual
    • Manual Hand Chain
    • Motorized
    • Air Powered
  • Top Running - Single Girder
    • Push/Pull Manual
    • Manual Hand Chain
    • Motorized
    • Air Powered
  • Underhung - Double Girder
    • Push/Pull Manual
    • Manual Hand Chain
    • Motorized
    • Air Powered
  • Top Running - Double Girder
    • Push/Pull Manual
    • Manual Hand Chain
    • Motorized
    • Air Powered

Crane Installation

Enclosed Rail Workstation Crane

Free Standing Top Running

Choosing the correct bridge crane system is determinant on the following aspects: planned use, load size, overhead space, runway space, and speed control. Give our expert technicians a call; they’ll help you decide which equipment best suits your unique application. Whether you’re looking for a motor driven, air powered, push/pull, or hand chain bridge crane, we have the system for you.

Crane Runways

Crane runways are available as free standing, ceiling mounted, or semi-free standing (using existing structure for half the support). The crane runway system you will be able to use depends on the bridge crane you decide on. Though most of our runways work with almost all of our bridges, there are a few that are more selective. Our crane runway systems are fully capable of expansion and include full services and replacement parts. Our crane runways include:

  • Free Standing, Top Running, Workstation Cranes
  • Free Standing, Top Running, Knee Braced Cranes
  • Free Standing, Top Running, Header Braced Cranes
  • Semi-Free Standing, Top Running Cranes
  • Free Standing, Underhung Cranes
  • Ceiling Mounted, Underhung Cranes
  • Free Standing, Enclosed Rail Cranes
    • Gorbel Free Standing Workstation Cranes
    • SPANCO Free Standing Workstation Cranes
    • Kundel Free Standing Workstation Cranes
  • Ceiling Mounted, Enclosed Rail Cranes
    • Gorbel Ceiling Mounted Enclosed Track Workstation Cranes
    • SPANCO Enclosed Track Workstation Bridge Cranes
    • Kundel Ceiling Supported Workstation Cranes

Each crane runway entails different features, so it’s important to choose a system that will fit your designed application. We want to help you find the exact match for your workplace. Call us at (800) 761-2028 to get started today.


Service Crane Company has the professional technicians available 24/7, 365 days a year for installation of your new bridge crane or runway system. We work as safely and quickly as possible to make sure you are up and running again in no time. Our 24 hour service allows us to work during your downtime, even during holidays!

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding our bridge cranes and crane runway installation. We will help you find the right equipment for your business.

Top Running Knee Braced Crane

Top Running Free Standing Workstation Crane

Under Hung Ceiling Mounted Bridge Crane

Underhung Single Girder Bridge Crane

Workstation Crane